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Melvin, his wife of 12 years, Alyson, and two children reside in Plano.

"As a Constitutional conservative, I believe judges should practice judicial restraint, not legislate from the bench. It is imperative to remain focused on the rule of law and treat all who come before the court with fairness and impartiality."


~Melvin Thathiah




• Texas A&M University graduate

• Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate

• Licensed to Practice in Texas




• Member of The Heights Baptist Church

• Sustaining Member of the Collin County Republican Party

• Member of the Republican Men's Club

• Member of the Lincoln Society

• Member of the African American Republican Society

• Member of the Asian American Republican Club

• Associate Member of The Golden Corridor Republican Women




• Appointed Visiting Judge, Collin County Justice of the Peace

• Judicated examining trials, truancy, small claims, evictions, and debt claims at the Justice Court level

• Presided over bench and jury trials in Collin County as a Visiting Judge

• Extensive court experience as a practicing civil and criminal attorney for almost 13 years


Judicial Philosophy:



When Melvin was a child, at age 2, his parents immigrated to the United States to allow him the opportunity to grow up in a free country and be whatever he dreamed of becoming. That was the beginning of an American dream, that he is still living out today. Growing up in Mesquite, he was involved in his community, volunteering to help wherever and whenever the opportunity arose. This is something that his parents and teachers instilled in him throughout his life. He graduated from Texas A&M University and continued the service of community through his involvement in college volunteer activities and student organizations that cultivated what became a mindset to lead by example and a strong work ethic. Law school was no different, as Melvin worked at being a successful student and a contributing member of the community through church youth group leadership and serving as a law clerk for the Betty Griffin House, a domestic violence shelter servicing northern Florida.


Melvin’s career took him to Dallas for a couple of years, handling cases from divorces and business contract disputes to juvenile criminal matters. He then went to Little Rock, Arkansas to have a lead role in Texas litigation at the age of 28. It was an opportunity that he could not pass up, even though it meant leaving his beloved state of Texas for some time. That opportunity allowed him to learn to practice law in a new area, manage a litigation team and work with court staff all over the state of Texas. Upon news of expecting their first child, Alyson and Melvin knew they wanted to get back to Texas, and specifically Collin county to be close to family and friends while raising children in an amazing conservative community. The firm decided to open an office in North Texas. So Alyson and Melvin began their life, with Taryn soon to join, right in Plano.


Over the next few years, Melvin practiced civil litigation all over the great State of Texas, and learned how each major - and minor - county operated in the court system. He has appeared on dockets run many different ways and knows what works well, and what is a waste of court resources and taxpayer money. He has seen courts who understand their role as a public servant and neutral trier of fact, and courts who ignore the law and service to the public to the detriment of the people it is supposed to serve. This area of practice allowed Melvin the ability to make it home for dinner at night to his loving family, which had been added to again in 2012 with Caleb, and also allowed him to make it to church on Sundays. Melvin is a believer in God and family, so those are things that are important to him. As a Christian Constitutional Conservative, he is not willing to let his value system be changed.


Melvin was introduced to the bench when appointed in February 2015 to be an Associate Judge for the Justice of the Peace Courts in Collin County. Since then, he has heard many cases from the bench and acted to serve the residents of our community. As an Associate Judge, Melvin has actual experience on the bench, and has sat in Plano and McKinney and had the opportunity to serve the members of those communities the way he believes they should be treated. He also began to learn in what other capacities this court affects the community. Melvin became involved with Students on Service and continued that lifelong endeavor of serving those around him.  Melvin has heard examining trials, truancy matters, small claims, debt claims, and evictions. He has heard bench and jury trials. He has issued decisions that are fair, honest and loyal to the judicial cannons of ethics and both Constitutions.


We believe everything in these paragraphs are the reasons he should be your judge for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 Place 2. So when you head to the poles for early voting, or on the final primary voting day, We ask that you make your vote for real experience on the bench and traditional conservative Republican values. Vote for the candidate that is ready to hit the ground running in a community that is doing the same. Vote for Melvin!


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